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Welcome to My Wide World of Wonder

The trials and tribulations of a poor former college student ... ;)

2 December 1981
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^---- I stole this right off of hmfeelyat's page. I have no shame.

I guess there's a whole different section for interests so I won't tell you that I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. Maybe I should have saved that for the personal ads, nevermind. ;)

When I made this LJ, I was a poor college student.I guess now I am a poor former college student.

I have a degree in Communications with an emphasis in public relations/marketing/advertising.
I do Business Development. Which basically means I do...public relations/marketing/advertising. I couldn't ask for anything better.
It's the one thing I have always felt passionate about, so there you have it. Bing. Bang. Bong. I win.

This also means I am at work all the time.
But luckily, I get paid to Facebook and Twitter, so that's a plus.
I wonder if I can convince our business that we need an LJ. Probably not.
Worth a shot though, always.