April 29th, 2008

TXT - Opportunity

Relay for Life

I need to be working on my Survivor Calendar, even though I have no idea how its going to come together. I have to turn it into the printers by Thursday. I should get on that ...

Anyway, though. I have a favor to ask all of you. Donations. Maybe not from you, maybe from your friends/family/people you like to harass for money? http://main.acsevents.org/goto/carpenter

Relay for Life has been an event since 1985, when one man decided to run around a track for 24 hours straight, signifying that cancer never sleeps. It is now something that has become an international event. It is, of course, something that I consider very near and dear to my heart as my parents have been through it themselves. I'm not asking for tons of money, I'm not even asking for your money, just spread the word, please?

I see it like this, every penny I collect is a penny closer to a cure. And a large portion of what I get goes directly to independent research companies who are currently looking for a cure for cancer. That's huge.


Edit: I should also mention that on the page that link will take you to you can donate to my team or you can order a luminaria bag for someone you know who has survived cancer or someone who has passed on from cancer. If you want to do so, fill out the form and donate the money asked for luminaria bags and let me know. I will take a picture of it for you the night of the event.