Neesey (sxysadie21) wrote,

Productiveness going up.

Harini? That title is a tribute to you.

Anyway I am headed out from work. My plan is to stop at my parents' house to say hello and then skip off to my own house shortly thereafter. My goal is to accomplish something I have been meaning to do for a very long time. Update my new card book. I have one of those you can slip cards into and whatnot and it holds dates of importance and names and OMG ALL THE CARDS IN THE WORLD. Hello I love it.

Anyway, so what I would like from all of you (I know not all of you will respond, but those of you who have ever received mail and wish to in the future should participate - also I would like ALL of you to. Yes.) is for you to answer in the (screened) comment below with the following information.

Date of Birth

Any other significant dates that I should know of.

Please do this even if you know I know your address and or dob (because you could be wrong Haha.)
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