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There ain't no brakes.

A few points:

1.) Dad may get to come home this evening. This is huge. Originally, they said that if they had to cut him open he'd be in there for 10-12 days. However, with my mom there (pushing and bossing him around) to support him, he's doing very well. Thanks again for all the well wishes and positive thoughts. I know he'll need more to recover. But I am thankful for all you have done, thus far.

2.) I watched Knocked Up last night. I felt it was a pretty typical "love" comedy. But there were some really funny parts. I was totally amused by the one girlfriend, the nerdy stoned girl. She was hilarious.

3.) Whether Dad gets to come home or not, my mother is coming home. This means I get to go home tonight. YAY! I miss my dog so much it's insane. And I feel like, when I am at my parents house, there's this endless cycle of demandings made from different places. It goes like this

Emily: Can I go ___?

Fred (dad's dog): Move over so I can sit with you! But if you stop petting me I'll growl and show you my teeth, and remember when I ripped your nose in half and you had to get it glued back together? Yes, that's it, keep petting.

Bob (Emily's dog): Can I go outside? Let me outside. Lemme out lemme out. *stops at door* Wait! where's Fred? He should go out too. You wait here, at the door, i'll go get him.

Frank (Mom's cat): FEED ME. I know I just finished eating, but I will stand here and meow at you until you feed me. That's right stupid human, get up now and go feed me again. what is taking you so long?

emily: Why aren't you answering me? I want to go somewhere.




Oct. 8th, 2007 04:09 am (UTC)
Thank you!! :) And thanks again for all the good thoughts and well wishes you sent our way. They are totally appreciated!

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