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Relay for Life

I need to be working on my Survivor Calendar, even though I have no idea how its going to come together. I have to turn it into the printers by Thursday. I should get on that ...

Anyway, though. I have a favor to ask all of you. Donations. Maybe not from you, maybe from your friends/family/people you like to harass for money? http://main.acsevents.org/goto/carpenter

Relay for Life has been an event since 1985, when one man decided to run around a track for 24 hours straight, signifying that cancer never sleeps. It is now something that has become an international event. It is, of course, something that I consider very near and dear to my heart as my parents have been through it themselves. I'm not asking for tons of money, I'm not even asking for your money, just spread the word, please?

I see it like this, every penny I collect is a penny closer to a cure. And a large portion of what I get goes directly to independent research companies who are currently looking for a cure for cancer. That's huge.


Edit: I should also mention that on the page that link will take you to you can donate to my team or you can order a luminaria bag for someone you know who has survived cancer or someone who has passed on from cancer. If you want to do so, fill out the form and donate the money asked for luminaria bags and let me know. I will take a picture of it for you the night of the event.
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b o r e d

I am horribly bored, even though there's work I could be doing. My biggest decision right now? Should I have hot tea or hot cocoa now? Hmm.

Someone save me from the boredom, please, God.
CARTOON Said fuck


Brandy came over. Pictures will follow, but she got me and my father both hats that say "FUCK CANCER".

Needless to say ... Dad was giddy as a school girl when he opened it :)
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Boo. I am officially sick. Up and down all early morning, tossing my cookies, temperature of 102, face on fire, body freezing. Boo. I guess this rules out any fun for the weekend. And on Halloween weekend?! Oh dear.

I figure I'll live.
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I am in a surprising mood. I mean, it's a good mood - but mainly just surprised. I think I am surprised I feel so good. Does that make any sense? I totally had a shitty conversation with one of my good friends last night about how I am a loser for not moving to the city and having a better job blah blah blah - but it's all behind me. I mean, I feel completely happy and warm and ...fuzzy! Like a bear.

NaNoWriMo is almost here! I need more musings!
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I'm going to see West Side Story tomorrow. And I'm in the process of purchasing Phantom of the Opera tickets for next month.

...things are looking up, my kittens!
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Productiveness going up.

Harini? That title is a tribute to you.

Anyway I am headed out from work. My plan is to stop at my parents' house to say hello and then skip off to my own house shortly thereafter. My goal is to accomplish something I have been meaning to do for a very long time. Update my new card book. I have one of those you can slip cards into and whatnot and it holds dates of importance and names and OMG ALL THE CARDS IN THE WORLD. Hello I love it.

Anyway, so what I would like from all of you (I know not all of you will respond, but those of you who have ever received mail and wish to in the future should participate - also I would like ALL of you to. Yes.) is for you to answer in the (screened) comment below with the following information.

Date of Birth

Any other significant dates that I should know of.

Please do this even if you know I know your address and or dob (because you could be wrong Haha.)
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There ain't no brakes.

A few points:

1.) Dad may get to come home this evening. This is huge. Originally, they said that if they had to cut him open he'd be in there for 10-12 days. However, with my mom there (pushing and bossing him around) to support him, he's doing very well. Thanks again for all the well wishes and positive thoughts. I know he'll need more to recover. But I am thankful for all you have done, thus far.

2.) I watched Knocked Up last night. I felt it was a pretty typical "love" comedy. But there were some really funny parts. I was totally amused by the one girlfriend, the nerdy stoned girl. She was hilarious.

3.) Whether Dad gets to come home or not, my mother is coming home. This means I get to go home tonight. YAY! I miss my dog so much it's insane. And I feel like, when I am at my parents house, there's this endless cycle of demandings made from different places. It goes like this

Emily: Can I go ___?

Fred (dad's dog): Move over so I can sit with you! But if you stop petting me I'll growl and show you my teeth, and remember when I ripped your nose in half and you had to get it glued back together? Yes, that's it, keep petting.

Bob (Emily's dog): Can I go outside? Let me outside. Lemme out lemme out. *stops at door* Wait! where's Fred? He should go out too. You wait here, at the door, i'll go get him.

Frank (Mom's cat): FEED ME. I know I just finished eating, but I will stand here and meow at you until you feed me. That's right stupid human, get up now and go feed me again. what is taking you so long?

emily: Why aren't you answering me? I want to go somewhere.


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Quick update before I finish making dinner.

Dad's halfway through his surgery. Things look good. But really five hours to remove a teeny tiny gland? So weird, right? You should be able to take that puppy out in NO time, right?

Anyway they got a late start, couldn't find a vein. However, so far all is good. So long as they get it all without having to open him up, we're in the clear for a much easier recovery.

Thanks for all the good wishes, they're much appreciated. :)

EDIT: As I typed this they called me to say they had to open him up. Talk about jinxing yourself!
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I have returned from New York. Save for being allergic to what the fresh air I encountered whilst there, it was lovely! I met some of the most wonderful genuine and warm people ever. Seriously. In New York!! Who would have thunk it?

Meg looked beautiful. I will post pictures this evening. Her family (which falls directly into the warm genuine people spoke of above...) was adorable, as was the town she grew up in. I have never met so many people who just seemed so - (forgive the redundancy) genuine. And warm!

The houses, the town, the air - it was all very reminiscent of a movie, or some sort of lovely family drama that airs once a week and makes you wonder if there are people really like that in the world. Well, world, there is. I would have never believed it, but I saw it with my own eyes.

I have much more to say but I should probably work now. More later, kittens.
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